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Custom Acrylic Tank

Another one of Aquasonic's custom acrylic tanks in 2.4m x 610mm x 610mm (8' x 2' x 2'). We used 12 mm thick acrylic for this tank with no lids or holes drilled as per customers plans.

Fingerling Rearing System

Independent multi tank systems provides an economical and manageable approach to the rearing of fingerlings prior to moving to the larger grow-out systems. Equipment such as BN200D Trickle Filter Biological Filter, 1000L Aquaculture Tanks, Swirl Separator, Particulate Filter Sump, Ozone and Oxygen Generation, Ultraviolet Steriliser, Water Quality Monitoring Water System, Reserve Air Supply and many other features are included to assure the highest water quality is maintained and fingerlings are managed effectively.


Shellfish Upweller Tanks

6 shellfish upweller tanks including 14 tubs per tank. These tanks are being used to grow different sized oyster spat which maximise growth and turnover. They can be used for any commercial shellfish hatchery or holding facility.

Bio-Safety Screens

Custom Made Clear Acrylic or Polycarbonate Screens - Made to order, Free Standing or Installed on your counter/desktop. Please contact us for your requirements.
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