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Pool Fencing Installers

At Aquasonic, we can transform your backyard into your ideal wonderland. From helping you attain the pool of your dreams to installing a luxurious pool fence, we have you covered.

Experienced and reliable pool fence builders at your service

As you may already know, it is a requirement in Australia if you have a pool, to undergo a fence and pool gate installation. This is why you need to consider the fence and gate enclosing your pool, before you even decide on which pool to build. That’s where we come in.

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Custom Pool Fences

You’ve just decided to get a pool. You’re excited at the thought of relaxing in your  pool. Have you called any pool fence contractors? What about your pool fence installation! Save yourself some time and money, and let Aquasonic build and install your pool, and your pool fence.

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Expert Designed Pool Fences

Aquasonic is known for its personalised, expert designed pools but did you know that we can also take care of your pool fence and gate too? We offer bespoke pool gate installation services for every type of pool fence. Even glass pool fencing installation!

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Plunge Pool Fencing

Even your plunge pool needs a pool fence installation! Aquasonic makes sure that your pool fence complements your pool as well as the rest of the landscape. We religiously follow regulation requirements for glass pool fence installation or, any type of fence install for that matter.

Our Pool Fencing Gallery

At Aquasonic, it's our mission to provide Melbourne's best pool fence installation services

We work with professional pool fence contractors with years of experience to ensure that your glass pool fencing installation, or any other type of pool fencing installation will be flawless and of the highest quality.

High-quality Construction

Pool fencing installers like us don’t use cheap, low-quality materials during glass pool fence installation. Some of the materials that we use are steel, glass, and aluminium. We discuss with you and select a material that compliments your landscape. The first-rate materials we use can withstand the changing climate and temperatures of a typical Australian home.

Aquasonic’s high-quality construction doesn’t end there either. During a glass pool fence installation for instance, we follow the correct procedures to guarantee that your fence is built and installed to last.

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Experienced Team

While there are many pool fence companies offering similar services, what makes us different from the rest is that we are comprised of highly experienced and passionate pool fencing installers. We have gathered the perfect, most qualified people for the role.

It’s not easy to find pool fence contractors who can perfect any type of glass pool fencing installation. It takes years of experience and skill. We believe that our knowledge and years of exposure to every possible type and shape of backyard and pool are some of the reasons our pool fence installations are exemplary.

Australian Made

Stop typing into Google, “are there any pool fencing installers near me”, because Aquasonic is based in Melbourne, making us just around the corner! As one of the most trusted pool fence companies in the world, we strictly follow Australian regulations for glass pool fence installation or for any type of pool fencing installation for that matter.

If you are unsure of what kind of fence you should have, we can send one of our pool fencing installers to check out your location. Site visits are common before glass pool fence installation so that the pool fence builders can determine the right approach and materials required for the job.

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We aren’t one of Melbourne’s most renowned pool fence companies for nothing, so get in touch with us today!

Frequently asked questions

Still have concerns regarding pool fencing? No worries! Learn more about pool fencing installation below.

There are many pool fence companies in Melbourne but if you have a tight budget and are looking for pool fence builders with affordable yet high-quality services, then Aquasonic is perfect for you.

Nowadays, pool fence builders each have something enticing to offer. It can be a unique design, fast installation, or something else.

Aquasonic takes pride in being a trusted company that can build new or renovate your existing pool, and also build and install high-quality pool fences for you. We make our rates affordable without compromising quality using low-quality materials. When working with Aquasonic, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a fantastic price, and the highest quality.

Feel free to contact us on our website and we will work with you to find out exactly what you need. We would love to hear what you have planned for your backyard so we can turn that vision into a reality. Stop searching “pool fencing contractors near me” because we’re here and ready to help!

The rates of various pool fence contractors differ from each other. Why? Each firm has a different method for their pool fence installation and use different levels of quality for their materials. They might have some sort of specific technology that they use for their installation, or they use different quality raw materials. Either way, the best solution is to contact a few different pool fencing installers and decide from there.

While the answer to this question is rather subjective, homeowners usually prefer the removable mesh pool fence as it fulfils the safety requirements for pool fencing, without breaking your budget.

But remember, each pool fence can be the best, depending on your budget and the appearance you want your pool fence to have. What might be the best for you might not be ideal for someone else.

Different countries have different requirements for pool fences. In Australia, the requirement is to have a fully closed barrier which is at least 1.2m tall. The barrier can be a wall or fence, depending on your preference. The bottom must also be 10cm off the ground.

In Australia, there was a safety reform that pool owners must now follow if they wish to have a pool in their backyard. Some of the requirements are: the spa or pool must be registered with the council, all pools must have a fence, and climbable objects must be 90cm or further away from the fence.

Glass pool fence installation is not as easy as it seems. You will need to plan the layout, get council approval, have the site checked, choose suitable fencing, order the components, prepare the site, and so on. It can take you days, weeks or potentially even months just to finish the job.

Or you can save yourself the hassle and use one of our highly experienced pool fence contractors instead, who can finish the job faster and with the highest possible quality. You may already have the supplies, maybe you just need someone’s help with a bunnings glass pool fence installation. Either way, we’re only a phone call away.

A semi-frameless glass pool fence is gaining popularity among homeowners these days, but this doesn’t mean that you should opt to install this type of fence on your own, especially if you don’t have any experience installing pool fencing.

Whether it’s a bunnings glass pool fence installation, or a semi-frameless glass pool fence, what we suggest is that you find experienced pool fence builders which offer services that fit your budget. Give Aquasonic a call to discuss and we’ll organise a bespoke solution for you.

The required height for pool fence gates in Australia is 1.2m and 10cm off the ground. This is a regulatory requirement so contacting your local council is mandatory so you can register your pool before you begin. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have regarding laws for pool fencing, and any potential consequences that are applicable if you were to not follow them.

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