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Aquasonic: Caring for aquatic life for over 40 years

Aquasonic, an Australian company, has been manufacturing quality aquarium products for over 40 years.

We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of both industries and of providing first class service to our customers at all times.

Featured Products

Bio-Tet 25tab

from $28.62(ex GST)

Ocean Nature Sea Salt 2kg

from $22.78(ex GST)

Clear PVC Pipe 1/2in/15MM 1M

from $17.82(ex GST)

3 way Cage Fitting 15mm

from $3.66(ex GST)

Bactonex 100ml

from $10.84(ex GST)

Bio-Culture standard 50ml

from $21.20(ex GST)

Brine Shrimp Hatching Vessel

from $383.00(ex GST)

Ichonex 100ml

from $9.74(ex GST)

Net San 375gm

from $30.03(ex GST)

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