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Concrete Pools Melbourne

Aquasonic, the leading concrete pool builder in Australia, specialises in concrete pools. From above-ground concrete pool to concrete inground pool, we can achieve your dream swimming pool. We have a great portfolio to showcase, displaying the different concrete pools Melbourne, built to last by Aquasonic.

Your luxurious concrete pool awaits you

The trust given to us by our customers is what makes us the number one concrete pool builders Melbourne. We don’t just create standard concrete pools. We design and build bespoke, unique concrete pools. Below are some of the types of concrete swimming pools that we can build in your backyard.

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Custom Concrete Pools

Speak to us about creating custom concrete pools Melbourne. You decide what kind of concrete pool you want for your home, whether it’s a below or above ground concrete pool. There is no need to limit your vision as we can design and build prefab concrete pools, lap pools, rooftop pools, plunge pools and even precast concrete pools Melbourne. All you need to do is tell us your vision, and we’ll make it a reality.

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Expert Designed Concrete Pools

Our team is comprised of the best designers and architects, assuring you that your precast concrete pool or prefab concrete pool is designed by specialists, so you can achieve the design you’re aiming for no matter how sophisticated. If you’re wanting a concrete swimming pool designed and built by the best of the best, contact Aquasonic today for all concrete pools Melbourne.

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Concrete Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are specifically designed to help you relax and cool off. We design and build bespoke concrete plunge pools, so you can spend your evenings lounging or wading. For more straight forward setups, our concrete plunge pools Melbourne can be precast concrete plunge pools, or if you’d prefer, even an above ground concrete pool. Our plunge pools are made using the finest coating and materials.

Concrete Pool Gallery

Aquasonic designs the best concrete pools in Melbourne

Our concrete pools are one-of-a-kind due to their functionality and unique design. Each pool we create has distinct characteristics, matching your vision. It will be our honour to create your dream pool.

High-quality Construction

Every pool we make, whether it’s a precast concrete pool, a concrete inground pool or prefab concrete pools, we only use the finest raw materials. Our team is full of the top architects and builders in Melbourne, to deliver world-class concrete pools.

Since concrete pools are customizable, we want your vision to become your reality. We can craft your pool to look just the way you want it to, without compromising on the materials used. The whole construction process will be discussed with you and you’ll be kept informed throughout the entire process so you know exactly how your dream pool was made.

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Experienced Team

We have gathered the most experienced concrete pool builders Melbourne. Since it will be our honour to transform your backyard, we only employ the most qualified people in the industry. We bring the best of the best together to design and build the backyard paradise you have envisioned.

Our customer service team will happily guide and inform you from the moment you contact us. Any questions or concerns you may have will be answered by our experts. Whether it’s concrete plunge pools Melbourne or precast concrete pools Melbourne, we’re local and ready to service any of your concrete pool needs.

Australian Made

Our concrete pools are Australian made. They are created bespoke, with an emphasis on sophistication. We ensure that the concrete pool cost is reasonable, and will fit within your budget. Our efforts don’t just stop there. We provide a seamless construction process and quality assurance throughout to put you at ease so you know that your investment will be worth it.

If our affordable concrete pool cost has you thinking you may not be able to afford it pool still, have a chat with us anyway. There may be a smaller type of pool that would suit your backyard and budget. Concrete plunge pools Melbourne perhaps!

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Contact us for a free consulation!

Our concrete pools are designed and built to last

At the end of the day we know that it’s not all about acquiring a new customer, but how we helped create memories for you and your loved ones. When we design and build pools, the lifelong memories you will create with your friends and family in one of our precast concrete plunge pools perhaps, or any pool that we create, is what motivates and inspires us.

Frequently asked questions

Concrete pools are customisable, they look great and they’re built to last a lifetime. Considering the priceless memories you will create with your friends and family, beside or in your new, bespoke concrete pool. It’s hard to imagine how it could possibly not be worth it.

As long as you take care of your pool after it’s built, we can assure you that it will be built with and made of the highest quality.

In other countries you may hear concrete pools being referred to as ‘gunite pools’. Some also refer to them as ‘shotcrete pools’. If you’re in the market for a concrete pool and have any questions, you can feel free to speak with an expert concrete pool builder like Aquasonics.

On average, a concrete pool will last for more than 50 years. If the pool was made by experts like us, it can last for a lifetime.

Our role is to design and build a concrete pool for you using the highest quality materials so that it’s built and designed to last. Your role is to make sure that the pool is carefully maintained so that your family can enjoy it for years to come.

Concrete pools are very popular, but you should know of the disadvantages of a concrete pool too. This type of swimming pool has a long startup process, is generally more expensive than other types of pools and requires a high level of maintenance.

Compared to traditional concrete pools, precast concrete pools are generally better. They’re known to be better quality because they’re built in controlled environments.

Of course you can! However, it would be best to seek help from a professional instead of doing it on your own. There are various concrete pool builders Melbourne that can assist you. Just be sure that you’re working with the right one!

While it is common to install the pool directly on the ground, placing it on a concrete pad is generally a better idea. Using a concrete pad reduces the risk of mould and ensures the pool will be level for years to come.

It is important to note that on average, the thickness of one concrete patio slab is approx 10cm. For an above ground pool, the thickness just needs to be no less than 5.8cm.

Absolutely! Plunge pools are the most recommended type of pool for small backyards. They’re easy to install and generally more affordable than other types of pools. You also won’t have a problem with filtration and cleaning due to their smaller size.

You certainly can, but it’s nowhere near as easy as you would think it would be. That’s why most homeowners decide to hire concrete pool builders to do the job for them.

A prefab pool is an above-ground pool that is manufactured offsite. Once it’s ready and your site has been prepared, It will be delivered to your home and installed. Like all concrete pools, they can last for a lifetime, depending on the materials, construction process, and ongoing maintenance.

On average, an inground concrete pool that is regularly maintained can last over 50 years. If the pool was constructed properly, it can last for a lifetime.

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