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  • Brine Shrimp Hatching Vessel

    Product Code: (BSCHV / BSCHV2 / BSCHV3 / BSCHV4)

    Acrylic Artemia hatching unit w/stand. Holds around 15L and is capable of hatching approx.10-15 teaspoons of Artemia Cysts. Features a built in...


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  • Digital Timer 8 on/off p/day

    Product Code: MS6110

    8 ON/OFF per day minimum duartion of 1 minute. 7 day programming. Great for use with Feeders. For use when using a 240/12V transformer or turning...

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  • Fish Hatching & Rearing Tank

    Product Code: (FHRT / FHRTO)

    Ideal for commercial hatching production of artemia and rotifers. Also suitable for many species of larval fish, Holds 400L. Conical base, 1650mm...


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  • Plankton Counting Wheel

    Product Code: PCW

    $86.90(ex GST)

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  • Rotifer Recirc. Sys 200L POA

    Product Code: RRS

    Designed to culture a continous supply of high density rotifers. Capacity to produce rotifers at densities between 1000-5000/ml. 200L Culture tank,...

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  • Upwelling Egg Incubator 25L

    Product Code: EI25

    Aquasonic egg upweller incubator is ideal for salmoniod egg incubation. With a water volume of 25L resulting in it being capable of incubating...

    $392.70(ex GST)

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  • Van Gaalen Egg Sorter POA

    Product Code: (ES1 / ES2 / ES1W)

    The Van Gaalen Egg Sorter will sort trout eggs from 150-500 per 23gms, or if equipt with the Salmon disk, it will sort any size salmon eggs. Sorts...


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