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  • D/C Aquasonic Weekend Block

    Product Code: FB602

    The Aquasonic Weekend Block is designed to be broken into 6 pieces, each piece taking about 2-4 days to dissolve. The calcium released with the...

    $7.90(ex GST)

    5 In Stock


  • Holiday Food Block

    Product Code: MFB601

    Holiday Food Block is sufficient for 100L aquarium containing up to 15 medium size fish and lasts about 12 days.

    $3.30(ex GST)

    4 In Stock


  • Marine Invertebrate Food Block

    Product Code: (FB603 / FB604)

    This block is designed to provide a constant supply of food for invertebrates, especially filter feeders. It dissolves over about a 2 week period...


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  • Weekend Food Block

    Product Code: MFB602

    Weekend Food Block (5 tablets), one tablet is sufficient for 100L aquarium contaning 8 medium size fish and alsts 4-5 days

    $3.30(ex GST)

    98 In Stock


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