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  • Beltfeeder 12hr (3kg food) POA

    Product Code: (FP4300 - CHECK CLOCK / FP4305 - CHECK CLOCK / FP4310 - CHECK CLOCK / FP4320 - CHECK CLOCK / 4330 / 4340 / 4351 / 1509)

    A reliable and well build feeder. 12 or 24 hour models available in 3kg or 5kg. Stainless Steel clock mechansisms. Double gearing. ABS plastic...


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  • Beltfeeder 12hr (5kg food) POA

    Product Code: FP4310 - CHECK CLOCK

    $0.00(ex GST)

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  • Beltfeeder 24hr (5kg food)

    Product Code: FP4320 - CHECK CLOCK

    $399.00(ex GST)

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  • Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder

    Product Code: PF21

    Automatic daily feeder (feeds small amounts over a 5 hour period). Suitable for all foods.Adjustable feed quantity and timing.Battery...

    $119.00(ex GST)

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  • Sea Squirt Coral Feeding Dev.

    Product Code: SSQRT1

    Fish and invertebrate feeding instrument for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Length of 533mm extending to 990mm for deep aquariums or hard to reach...

    $40.59(ex GST)

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