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  • D/C Acr SilverMir 2mm1220x2440

    Product Code: ACS2_16703

    Acrylic Silver Mirror 2mm 1220 x 2440

    $227.62(ex GST)

    2 In Stock


  • D/C Acrylic Flow Meter 2-25LPM

    Product Code: MFR440

    $10.00(ex GST)

    13 In Stock


  • D/C Flow Switch 1 1/2in 40mm

    Product Code: (ST9 / ST12)

    Flow Switch 1 1/2in 40mm.


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  • D/C HACH Ozone Test Kit

    Product Code: 2518050

    HACH Ozone Test Kit, AccuVac Color Disc, HR 0.1-1.50mg/L Fast, accurate visual method for determining ozone concentrations. Use to control...

    $150.00(ex GST)

    1 In Stock


  • Hanna HALO

    Product Code: HI12302

    Measure pH and temperature with the HALO Wireless/Bluetooth pH Meter on your phone or tablet. SPECIAL - NOW BELOW COST PRICE.ONLY 1 AVAILABLE

    $220.00(ex GST)

    1 In Stock


  • D/C Hydropho Filter .22um33mm

    Product Code: FL1

    Use to sterilize gasses, vent gas from aqueous solutions or sterilize and clarify aggressive chemicals. Filters air to use with single species...

    $1.21(ex GST)

    27 In Stock


  • D/C Kaldnes Type Media 20L

    Product Code: C3-20L

    $29.70(ex GST)

    2 In Stock


  • D/C Oxygen Cone up to 136m3/hr

    Product Code: OXY32

    Oxygen Cone. Increase stock levels by directly infusing pure oxygen into the water column with an oxygen cone.

    $700.00(ex GST)

    1 In Stock


  • D/C PT4 Transport System

    Product Code: (1PTTS0003)

    PT4 Transport System


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