Starter Fish Farm 1500L


Starter Fish Farm 1500L

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Starter Fish Farm 1500L
The Aquasonic Starter Fish Farm (ASFF1500L) is a complete Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS), suitable for beginners through to commercial fish farmers. The ASFF1500L is suitable for all fish species, both freshwater and saltwater.
This Starter Fish Farm is capable of growing up to 50kg of stock. It is also great for educational purposes and gives an introduction to fish farming, animal husbandry and water chemistry. The ASFF1500L includes a 1500L culture tank with viewing window and stand, dual drains, swirl separator, Bio-Sump, Magnetic Drive water pump, UV steriliser, titanium heater with thermostat, Kamair air pump, air stones and all plumbing to assemble the system. Optional extras include starter kits, water quality testing equipment, chillers, foam fractionators and aquaponic growbed (FRG600)or fingerling tray.