Sicce Voyager 2


Sicce Voyager 2


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The Italian made Sicce Voyager are a new range of stream pumps. The main features of these new pumps are:

  • Regulation of the power of the water flow, acting on the front part of the pump. Wider and softer flow for soft corals and plants as well as direct and powerful for hard corals
  • A 360 degree rotating support
  • A 180 degree up and down movement of the body of the pump.
  • A very strong magnetic support for aquarium glass up to 15 mm thick.

The fixed rotor grants endless quiet starts and thanks to the high resistant material never breaks.

Voyager can be used in either fresh or saltwater aquariums. Thanks to the innovative flow regulator and the 360 degree rotation system, it is useful to raise deposits from the bottom of the tank to allow them to pass through the filtration system, contributing to cleaner more limpid water.

Available in 2 models- 3000 l/h & 6000 l/h