SeaSnow 1L


SeaSnow 1L


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Aquasonic Reef Nature SEASNOW is a replica of natural Marine Snow, which is a continual shower of small or microscopic organism that float or drift in great numbers towards the ocean floor. The shower consists of a combination of organic and inorganic particles and gives the appearance of falling snow. SEASNOW is an ideal food for stony and soft corals, anemones, clams, feather worms and other suspension feeding invertebrates.

Directions for use: Add 1mL per 20L for general use. For fish in a poor state use treatments as high as 1mL per 5L to assist in faster recovery. For transport use general dose rates. 1mL = approx. 20 drops. it is best to feed invertebrates at night, as most are nocturnal. The most practical way to administer SEASNOW to your aquarium is by target feeding. Remove the cap from the bottle of SEASNOW. Rinse in freshwater and simply pour a small amount of SEASNOW into the cap. Using a clean syringe add SEASNOW to the aquarium water upstream of the invertebrate to be fed. Do not return any unused portion of SEASNOW to the bottle. Always rinse syringe and bottle cap thoroughly after use with freshwater to avoid contamination.

Usage guide: To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1000 for litres.

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