Pro Bio Plus Standard 50ml


Pro Bio Plus Standard 50ml


Natural disease prevention.

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Pro-Bio-Plus is unlike other Probiotic bacteria. The Bacteria in Pro-Bio-Plus produce natural anti-microbial and antibiotic/antiseptic substances as part of their metabolism that directly attack gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as other organisms like whitespot, vibrio, velvet and fungus.

Chemical Free. Copper Free. Drug Free. Helps Control White Spot, Aeromonas spp., Vibrio spp., and Velvet and Fungus infections. Pro-Bio-Plus is a new concept in disease prevention, containing natural probiotic bacteria, which help beneficial microbes control water quality. Probiotic bacteria are sometimes called bacteria.

Probiotic bacteria create a hostile environment for harmful pathogenic bacteria, which cause disease. They do this by competing for the same food sources. Harmful bacteria are found in all aquatic environments. Until now, it has been necessary to use antibiotics or other drugs, which may cause stress to the fish or harm good bacteria. With Pro Bio-Plus you can avoid these chemicals. Treat any stages of fish, fry through to adults. Great for treating newly arrived fingerlings during quarantining.

Dose Rates: 5ml per 20 litres of water for fresh and saltwater applications.



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