Potassion P – 300g


Potassion P – 300g


Brightwell Aquatics high-purity powdered potassium.

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In natural seawater, potassium is a non-conservative major element with a concentration slightly lower than that of calcium, 399ppm vs.413ppm, respectively. Within the past few years, potassium has been implicated in improving the blue coloration of numerous varieties of small-polyp stony corals.

Potassium is incorporated into the skeletal material of corals and other reef building organisms for purposes of growth. Its also incorporated into pigments that enhance the blue coloration of small-polyp stony corals. In aquaria with depleted potassium concentrations, adding Potassium-P in the correct dose will cause noticeable changes in the appearance of many corals within the first few weeks of regular dosing.

Maintaining potassium within a range of 390 – 410 ppm is sufficient for long-term health, growth, and coloration of corals when all other physical and chemical requirements are met.

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