Plant Food 100ml


Plant Food 100ml

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Aquasonic Plant Food 100ml.

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Aquasonic PLANT FOOD provides chelated iron, promoting vibrancy and growth of aquatic plants. Live aquatic plants achieve wonders for aquariums, providing clearer water and essential oxygen. They reduce ammonia and are an essential factor in creating a vibrant, natural aquarium. Many aquarist claim that healthy looking planted aquariums are difficult to keep but if you want your plants to flourish so your aquarium is an envy to your friends then use PLANT FOOD to enhance aquatic plant growth.

Most aquatic plants become deficient of iron causing their leaves to yellow. PLANT FOOD contains chelated iron, formulated to match optimum natural conditions, helping you to keep vibrant and healthy looking aquatic plants. This formulation resist breakdown, thus remaining useable to plants for longer.

For optimum plant health ensure correct lighting is used, perform regular partial water changes and maintain carbonate hardness levels at a minimum of 50ppm.

PLANT FOOD contains zero phosphates.

Directions for use: Add 1mL per 10L of aquarium water. Re-treat after a water change. For more accurate dosing use an Aquasonic Iron Test Kit to monitor iron levels.

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