Oodonex 100ml


Oodonex 100ml


White spot treatment in fish only marine aquaria.

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  • To assist in the treatment of oodinium and whitespot in marine aquarium fish. Do not use with corals and invertebrates.
  • Carefully monitor copper levels using Aquaculture copper test kit with the aim to maintain copper levels of 0.25 ppm for the treatment period daily for 4 days.
  • Remove carbon filters as you would when applying chemical treatments to your tank. Also ensure pH remains at or above 7.8.
  • To maximise results halve the daily dose rate, adding it to the tank twice (morning and night).
  • Raising the temperature by 2-3 degree celsius will also assist with the treatment.

Dose Rate: Use 3mL per 50 litres of aquarium water each for 4 days.



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