PPS02 – Aquariums to 4000L


PPS02 – Aquariums to 4000L

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Model 3 – Aquariums to 4000L.

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  • Aquasonic manufacture a range of protein skimmers for systems holding varied and heavy stock loads for live seafood, purging systems, holding and growout.
  • Many aquatic species live in pristine
    conditions. Lack of oxygen caused by heavy stock loading or declining water conditions caused by inadequate or inefficient filtration is lethal to some species.
  • A sure sign of such deterioration in water
    quality is surface foaming in holding tanks or staining of the water to a yellow colour.
  • Open circuit systems can also benefit from foam fractionation especially when such systems are closed off for
    chilling prior to packing. Foam fractionation will help maintain excellent water quality.
  • Foam Fractionators improve water quality by:
  • Removing organic material and other toxic waste before assimilation
    by biological filtration.
  • Increasing the redox potential of water.
  • Increasing dissolved oxygen.
  • Removing protein.

Why Aquasonics Foam Fractionators are the best available
in the market today:

    • Bases are constructed of PVC.
    • All construction materials are plastic so there are no rust
      or corrosion problems.
    • Easily demountable for cleaning.
    • Reaction tube is constructed in clear acrylic so tuning
      adjustments for individual systems are easily determined
      and maintenance intervals are obvious.
    • Controlled venting provided for ozone removal (on commercial models)
    • Barrel unions are provided for quick assembly/disassembly.
    • Specialised freshwater models available in commercial models (PPS1 larger)
    • Both supply & dedicated venturi pumps are included on all commercial models (PPS1 above)
    • Reactor tubes are constructed in cast acrylic tube.
    • Marine grade self priming pumps are included in the price (on all units PPS1 above).
    • World best Mazzei Kynar venturis are used for high efficiency (ozone compatible).

Models Feature:

  • Proven design.
  • Flame polished, cast acrylic.
  • Easy removal collection cup.
  • Safe for ozone use.
  • Spares are available.


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