Diffuser Ultra Fine 102 x 8.3cm


Diffuser Ultra Fine 102 x 8.3cm


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The BEST oxygen diffuser on the market today

One of the simplest ways to dissolve gases, such as oxygen or carbon dioxide, in water is to introduce the gas as small bubbles – the smaller the bubbles the more efficient the absorption of the gas.

The Point Four microbubble oxygen diffuser produces a cloud of extremely fine bubbles – 100 to 500 microns. This is much finer than graphite or carborundum diffusers porous hose and because the diffuser is flat, the bubbles do not coalesce as with circular section diffusers.

The Point Four diffuser uses an ultra fine pore ceramic plate which ensures uniform bubbles across its entire surface. The ceramic is a clean and inert material.

Features and Benefits

·       One of the most efficient diffusers on the market — uses less gas and requires fewer diffusers to achieve the same results
·       Robust construction — the ceramic plate is set in a rigid enamel coated aluminum frame and will not break if frozen
·       Easy to install and simple to operate — requires no power or complex attachment procedures
·       Full customer assistance and technical support — we are oxygenation specialists and will assist you in sizing and configuring your system
·       Warranty — 2 years covering defective materials and workmanship

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