Diffuser Fine 5cm x 2.5cm


Diffuser Fine 5cm x 2.5cm


Fine Pore Diffuser.

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  • Sweetwater fine-pore diffusers are the same high quality as our regular Sweetwater
    diffusers. The difference is in the smaller pore size, which produces finer bubbles.
  • Sweetwater fine-pore diffusers do require higher pressure (about 5 inches H2O more)
    and more frequent cleaning than our regular pore diffusers, so they are not typically
    recommended for regular aeration.
  • The bubble uniformity is excellent.
  • All Sweetwater diffusers having a 2 Year clean ability warranty.
  • Sweetwater diffusers produce a uniform medium to fine bubble size, and are designed to last.
  • Air resistance is less than 0.25 psi, making them ideal for use with low pressure blowers.
  • The ALS3 is of 5cm Length and prodeces approximately 5.7LPM.


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