Colorite Oxy-Tube pm


Colorite Oxy-Tube pm


Colorite Oxy-Tube per metre.

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It doesnt matter if an aeration system or device splashes, sprays, or diffuses air, the bottom line is how much surface area it creates. The surface area is where water contacts air and where oxygen transfer takes place.

Smaller bubble size results in more surface area, which is why fine bubble aeration devices are superior in oxygen transfer than coarse bubble aerators.

To maximize aeration efficiency in a system, an aerator must create fine bubbles while expending a minimum amount of energy. Aero-Tube technology meets both goals, and does so with a long-life, low maintenance system.

The technology behind the extremely high performance and efficiency of Aero-Tube is our twice-patented manufacturing process which, through a unique combination of technique and raw material, creates numerous tiny pores throughout the length of the hose.

These micro-pores allow the efficient transfer of air into the water. By combining Aero-Tube aeration tubing with an efficient clean air blower, you create a high efficiency, low cost method of aerating water.


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