Chlormon 5 Litre


Chlormon 5 Litre


Neutralizes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines.

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Aquasonic Essentials CHLORMON will react with ammonia, chlorine and chloramines in both fresh or marine water, and neutrilise it completely. When neutrilising ammonia, dose rates can be calculated to destroy it in one dose. In areas where ammonia or chloramines are a problem in tap water, CHLORMON is essential to have in your aquarium cupboard.

Use CHLORMON each time a new aquarium is set-up or water changes are made. If mixing marine salt, use CHLORMON before adding the salt to eliminate ammonia, chlorine or chloramines present. In ponds or aquariums where ammonia has reached toxic levels, dose CHLORMON directly to the water, while trying to locate your ammonia source.

Directions for use: To neutrilise chlorine or chloramines in tap water, dose at 5mL per 20 litres of tap water. To neutrilise ammonia, dose at 5mL per 20 litres of water volume. This dose rate will neutrilise 0.75ppm of ammonia. If higher levels are present, increase the dosage proportionally. CHLORMON has no effect of marine salts, and is safe for use with marine invertebrates. CHLORMON may cause faulty or inaccurate readings on some ammonia tests kits that use Nestlers reagents.

Usage guide: To calculate the approximate aquarium volume, multiply length x width x water height (in cm) then divide by 1000 to give you the volume in litres.

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