Carbonate Hardness Generator 250g


Carbonate Hardness Generator 250g


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Aquasonic CARBONATE HARDNESS GENERATOR is a special blend of pH buffers that provide a sustained kH level for longer than if using just sodium bicarbonate. Prior raising of carbonate levels will avert drastic falls in pH resultant from acids produced in closed circuit aquaria, acting to maintain a more stable pH. Raising of carbonate hardness levels is also beneficial to plant growth and is a viable alternative to CO2 dosing.

Carbonate hardness (AKA. alkalinity or dkH) is the basis for pH values in water. The stability of pH can be ensured by raising carbonate hardness levels without effect on the general hardness of the water. Acids produced from biological assimilation of wastes and from livestock (direct and via respiration) continuously reduce the carbonate hardness levels.

Directions for use: 4g per 100L of aquarium water will raise carbonate hardness levels by approximately 20ppm. It is not recommended to raise carbonate hardness levels by more than 20ppm per day. May increase pH levels. Use Aquasonic CARBONATE HARDNESS and pH FRESH, pH HIGH RANGE or pH MARINE TEST KITS to monitor and maintain carbonate hardness and pH to desired levels.

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