Budget Combination Filter for Saltwater


Budget Combination Filter for Saltwater

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  • Ideal for filtration in retail shops.
  • A low cost alternative without compromising on quality and efficiency.
  • Intended for use where filtration is to be positioned away from the shop floor.
  • The Budget combo filter is the original combo filter without the frills.
  • The unit still has┬áremovable pre-filter drawers, biological filtration (fluid bed) and degassing unit, and
    chemical filter housing.
  • Provides the basics for filtration, leaving out the extras such as the 40 watt UV,
    mixing sump, sump hood and monitoring mounting box.
  • Lower purchase price enables you to consider upgrades such as larger UV
    steriliser and ozone systems (both highly recommended).
  • Unit is more compact, saving on room.
  • Easy access to all moving parts and easy viewing of all filtration equipment.
  • Same high quality material and construction.
  • Available in both saltwater and freshwater versions.
  • Many other upgrades available, contact Aquasonic for sizing and application