Bubble Bead Filter 2000


Bubble Bead Filter 2000

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International Filter Solutions Bubble Bead Filter.

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SKU: BBF-XS-2000

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  • Patented dual purpose design performs mechanical and biological filtration,called bioclarification, scientifically proven to produce the cleanest clearest and healthiest water.
  • Complete mechanical and biological filtration for pond sizes from 1135.5 litres to 75,700 litres.
  • Backwash process is so simple, it just takes minutes to complete
  • Works with low/medium head pumps (10-15psi), greatly reducing energy consumption.
  • Features a non-corrosive food grade plastic or fibreglass construction with no mechanical parts to service so there are no parts to replace due to wear.
  • Patented hourglass shape enhances backwash performance.
  • Bubble Bead filters can be upgraded with Nitrotech Media for even better biological performance.
  • Suitable pond sizes determined at a turnover rate of the pond every 2.2 hours.
  • Bubble Bead Filters are extremely versatile. Can be sized to recommended pond size (as above) or to preferred flow rate,
    or to feed rate, making them suitable for aquariums, ponds and aquaculture applications of all types.
  • The faster the drain time during backwash, the more effective it is. Use a dedicated backwash pump to suck water from the Bubble Bead, or alternatively, use a pump assisted backwash utilising the supply pump.


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