Beltfeeder 12hr (3kg food)


Beltfeeder 12hr (3kg food)


Introducing one of the most reliable and will built belt feeders available in the world today.

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  • Weather-resistant cover.
  • Thick belts.
  • Clear clock cover with gasket.
  • These popular belt feeders are perfect for aquaculture. They slowly dispense almost any dry medication, chemical or feed over a 12- or 24-hour period. If shorter length or intermittent feeding is desired, the conveyor belt can be pulled back halfway or feed can be spaced on the belt.
  • These feeders will reduce labor costs and improve
    growth rates.
  • No electric power is required.
  • Housed in a weatherproof case and powered by a spring-wound clock mechanism.
  • The Baby Belt Feeder holds 2.2 kilos of feed and the
    Belt Feeder holds 4.4 kilos.
  • These BFS versions feature corrosion-resistant clocks. All clocks are extremely durable and are made in Germany.
  • The stainless steel replacement spring fits all models shown here.
  • Setting the feeders is as easy as lifting the lid, pulling back the belt and loading the feed.
  • Repair parts are available.
  • Feeders have one-year warranty.
  • Baby Belt Feeder is 217/8 x 111/2 x
  • Belt Feeder is 277/8″ x 15″ x 6
  • Size of clock is included in widths shown.


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