Aquastep UV 10w Bulb


Aquastep UV 10w Bulb


Aquastep 10 Watt UV Bulb.

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  • Pure hard quartz material in the bulb dramatically increases UV output compared to other conventional bulbs of equal wattage. Pure quartz material resists solarization and improves the longevity of the bulb.
  • Unique test tube style pure hard quartz sleeve isolates the bulb from water contact preventing thermal shock, broken glass and mercury contamination of the aquarium.
  • This quartz sleeve isolates the bulb to provide an optimal bulb maximum UV operating temperature of 100 degree Fahrenheit (38 degree Celsius).
  • This higher bulb temperature increases UV output 35% over conventional units without sleeves.
  • Bulb changing is the easiest in the industry. Simply slide the old bulb out and slide the new bulb in.
  • No need to shut down the filter system or turn off the pump.


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