PPS2 Aquasonic Foam Fractionator


PPS2 Aquasonic Foam Fractionator

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Aquasonic Foam Fractionators dramatically improve water quality.

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  • Aquasonic’s Foam fractionators just got even better. Aquasonic have recently re-designed our foam fractionators to give better performance, more flexibility, more features and most importantly lower cost.
  • Suitable for grow out, quarantine, purging, live holding, fingerling, brood stock, conditioning systems and many more applications.
  • Freshwater models available
  • Optional Automatic Washdown System can be purchased
  • Features:
  • Easy adjustable screw gate valves.
  • Crash chamber on venturi assembly for improved foaming and gas transfer.
  • Guidelines for 1 minute, 1.5 minute and 2 minute dwell times allows you to apply the right pump for your application and system design (no supply pump included).
  • Performance Pro venturi pumps for upgraded performace, reliability and lowered electricity costs.
  • New durable and space saving base (PPS6 to PPS12 body is free standing and pump has its own base).
  • On fractionators PPS6, PPS10 and PPS12, the Inlet uniseal (or multiple uniseals) is supplied with the foam fractionator and installed on site. This allows the inlet to be placed at the best point on the skimmer for system installation and the number and size of the inlets customized to the pumps you are using. Drilling and positioning of the inlet uniseals can be done by Aquasonic before dispatch if required.
  • Foam fractionators improve water quality by:
  • Removing dissolved organic compounds
  • Increasing the redox potential of water (especially when ozone is applied).
  • Increasing dissolved oxygen.
  • Easing the load on mechanical and biological filtration allowing these components to operate more efficiently. This allows you to carry more stock, or condition/grow stock more effectively
  • Bases are constructed of durable moulded Poly.
  • All construction materials are plastic or Acrylic so there are no rust or corrosion problems.
  • Easily demountable for cleaning.
  • Reaction tube is constructed in clear acrylic (except for models PPS6 and above) so tuning adjustments for individual systems are easily determined and maintenance intervals are obvious.
  • Controlled venting provided for ozone removal.
  • Barrel unions are provided for quick assembly/disassembly.
  • Dedicated venturi pump sized for optimum performance, supply pumps are not included and are sized depending on dwell time required and position of pump and skimmer (head height). Aquasonic can assist and supply and sizing of the best pump for your application.
  • Marine grade venturi pump is included as a standard (with upgrades from the standard Link Self Priming pump available on request).
  • Worlds best Mazzei Kynar Venturis are used for high efficiency skimming and ozone transfer (ozone compatible).
  • Models PPS6, PPS10 and PPS12 are constructed of a polyethylene Tank with clear acrylic Collection cup and level sight glass for water level adjustment.
  • A good rule of thumb when sizing a protein skimmer is to ensure at least system volume per hour is passed through the skimmer. (turnover through the skimmer and dwell time inside the skimmer is dependant on stock load).


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