Algicide 100ml


Algicide 100ml


A safe broad purpose algae treatment

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Aquasonic ALGICIDE is formulated as a general purpose algaecide to rid freshwater aquariums of unsightly algae growths. Algae growth can be attributed to factors such as excess food, fish wastes and excess light. By using ALGICIDE in combination with reduced feeding rate and reduced photoperiod (the length of time the aquarium lights operate for) will provide the best coarse of treatment for algal growths.

High standard of aquarium management must be maintained to prevent algae and disease outbreaks, as often these conditions are management related.

Directions for use: Shake bottle vigorously before use. Add 1mL per 20L of aquarium water. It is important to not overdose this product as aquatic plant damage may occur. Maintain aeration and filtration during the treatment period. Results should be evident in 7 days after dosing. Additional follow-up dosing may be dosed after 14 days from initial dose.

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