550A DO Meter 100deg


550A DO Meter 100deg


YSI 550A Dissolved Oxygen Monitor with 30.5m cable.

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Measure temperature and dissolved oxygen simultaneously using highly accurate thermistors and YSIs proven polarographic technology for dissolved oxygen. The fastest DO response times on the market.

Measurements are fast and easy with one-hand operation, an easy-to-use backlit display, automatic push-button calibration, and a weighted, quick-sinking probe. The YSI550A DO has a built-in calibration chamber, low-battery indicator, direct salinity, and altitude compensation. The instrument provides simultaneous readings of oxygen and temperature. Dissolved oxygen readings are automatically compensated for temperature.

Screw-on cap membranes make membrane changes easier than ever. The PE membranes are also faster responding and require far less flow dependence.

The replaceable electrode decreases any down time due to old or damaged electrodes. Simply unscrew the old electrode, replace it with a new one, and calibrate. No need to send it in or to replace the whole cable assembly.


Replaceable electrodes.

Backlit LCD display with large easy to read numerals.

Automatic temperature, salinity and altitude compensation.

Uses easy to install replacement cap membranes.

Includes 30.5 metre cable and probe assembly.

1 Year replaceable electrode warranty.

Cables: 12, 25, 50, or 100- foot lengths.

Calibration: Push-button, built-in calibration chamber.

Certifications: CE, IP-67, High-impact resistance.

Dimensions: 11.9 cm width x 22.9 cm length (4.7 in x 9 inch).

Display: Large, backlit.

Medium: Fresh, sea, or polluted water.

Parameter Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation for dissolved oxygen.

Automatic salinity compensation with manual salinity input from 0-70 ppt for dissolved oxygen.

Altitude compensation for calibration.

Power: 4 alkaline C-cells; Over 2000 hours at 25 degree Celsius; Low battery indicator on display.

Warranty: 3-year instrument; 1-year DO module.

Weight with Batteries:0.91 kg (2 lbs).

Dissolved Oxygen (%):

Sensor Type: Steady-state Polarographic.

Range: 0 to 500% air saturation.

Accuracy: 0 to 200%: plus or minus 2% of reading or 2% air saturation, whichever is greater; 200 to 500%: plus or minus 6% of reading.

Resolution:0.1% air saturation or 1%; selectable.

Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L):

Sensor Type:Polarographic.

Range: 0 to 50 mg/L.

Accuracy: 0 to 20 mg/L: plus or minus 0.3 mg/L or 2% of reading, whichever is greater; 20 to 50 mg/L: plus or minus 6% of reading.

Resolution 0.01 mg/L or 0.1 mg/L; selectable.

Temperature: Thermistor -5 to 45 degree Celsius plus or minus 0.3 degree Celsius.

Resolution: 0.1 degree Celsius.


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